thirteen poems

currently i have 8 completed collections posted here. each is available in the form of 5.5 x 5.5 chapbook. complimentary material can be found @thirteenpoems on instagram. short films featuring the poems will be shared soon. in these collections the text works often fall into the sensibility of haiku; using seasonal words, the juxtaposition of two distinct nature references which creates a new intimacy or relationship within the poem, and qualities like karumi (lightness) and mono no aware (a beautiful sadness which acknowledges the transience of existence.) the poems written with a nod to haiku are written in vers libre, and not the traditional 5/7/5 format. some of the poems are more akin to little observations, love notes to nature that are born from a sigh, sketches of moments that caught me and held me deeply in a pause.
in the future the collections will also include prose poems, and haibun.

i look forward to developing a relationship with residencies, and traveling to various places to work on my small books. each project completion would include a book, a photo exhibition, and a reading, as well as potential collaborations with artists working in other forms like film, or painting. part of the process with each book is getting to know diverse communities and to learn how they are effected by the seasons where they live. i look forward to meeting with herbalists, gardeners, painters, musicians, survivalists, chefs, other poets....anyone under the whim and directions of the seasons.

this project, in both the photographs and the text pieces, is about being present, in an appreciative way, of the little beauties that surround us each day. through this work i become more sensitive to them. by sharing them, i gently celebrate them with you.

thank you for visiting with this work.